Friday, February 6, 2009

Amara Visits!

So six months ago, I posted about my God Daughter being born ^_^ Kristen brought her over the other day so we could catch up and hang out. OMG...she's so big now, and her big ol head cracks me up!!!! I love her, she is tooo precious. Her constant baby talk cracks me up. Annie, if you are reading this, I'm sure you would have extirely too much fun with her. Some pictures from her visit!
Ummm hiii?
What was that Flashy Thingy?

Maybe I can Grab it?

No Paparazzi please!



Hey there is that Flasy thing Again....

This is the Life!


kiwi said...

OOOOOHHHHH MMMMYYYYY GOOOODNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I MUST SEE THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!! SHE'S SOOO ADORABLE!!!! AND CHUBBY!!!! heheh I am on baby overload these days, mainly because of my fatty nephew... but Amara is so cute! I would love to talk to her since ya know, I am fluent in baby talk! lol ;D

AP said...


i love her hair.

May said...

she looks like a cabagge patch doll. how precious. i just became a god mother for the very first time too last april and i swear those babies change so fast! in size, their mannerisms, the way their face and body looks. whoa. and the she-hawk is very cute! how old is she?

Carolina said...

She is 6 months! such a Talker tooo :)