Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pizzza Pizza Pizzzaaa!!!!!

Tomato Basil Pizza is probably my most favorite type of Pizza! I think it has to do with living in South America and being used to always having slices of tomato on Pizzas. I love the aroma of the baked Basil baked into the cheese. Jordan loves White Pizza, so I also tried to tackle something with white sauce. I found a simple Pizza dough recipe and altered it as I went cause I had a lot of trouble getting the right consistency of the dough. It was also my first time working with yeast so I was a little hesitant. Overall, It was fun and super tasty! The dough ended up being really crispy like thin crust. I need to let the dough cure longer next time, but overall It turned out pretty good. I spend like 40 minutes grating different cheeses though O_o but it was worth it! Check out the yummy pictures!

Mozarella, Provolone, and Swiss Cheese Freshly Grated.
Roma Tomatoes and Fresh Basil


アメリカ南部生活 said...

OMG! Your Margarita look so yummy!