Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Flying Biscuit

Supa and Ann SWORE up and down on this place. I think Jordan was just excited that this place lets you substitute Turkey Bacon for everything and had their own type of Chicken Sausage. Ironically a week after Supa and Ann came to visit, Jordan got a E-mail from the Independent saying a Flying Biscuit had opened in Cameron Village. The wait wasn't too bad the first time we went, about 10-15minutes. The menu is great, lots of signature dishes and appetizers like the Oven-Roasted "Moon Dusted" Rosemany Potatoes, The Flying Biscuit(Duh), The Flying Fried Green Tomatoes, and their Love Cakes(Black bean & cornmeal cakes sauted and topped with tomatillo sauce..YUM). I've only tried a couple of those....but GOODLAWDALMIGHTY the Grits are AMAZING....Border Line Obscene. I am definately eyeing the Shrimp & Grits Entree for the next time I go. So if you are bored of Waffle House and Ihop, and want to splurge a little, Check The Flying Biscuit out....Experience the Grits I tell you :P And Now to the pictures! These are from the Second Time around...I was too hungry to take pictures the first time hhahaha.

Sugar Cubes....That's Country :P


Smocked Salmon Scramble

Whole Wheat Rasberry French Toast