Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rasberry Lemon Sugar Muffins

I've been collecting Recipes like a mad woman. Not sure why, but I am starting to think i should have gone to culinary school cause my baking obsession is starting to be up to par with my sewing obsession O_o. I am not a fan of fruit, never have been since I was a kid. Scary I know. I do however, like the way fruit looks! I think Raspberry's are so dainty(...yea I said it :P) and Jordan said he loved them, so I opted to try out this recipe. Again back to the Lemon-Lime obsession I was talking about earlier. I've made chocolate muffins and blueberry muffins, so it was time for something new and a flavor you don't find in a box at the supermarket. Sooo...here we go!

Notes: I opted with Frozen Raspberries just like in the Recipe. Raspberries are not in season so i got some frozen organic ones from Whole Foods. Also I had to go for Normal cane sugar instead of caster sugar since i couldn't find it and i didn't have a grinder to grind the sugar. Still worked okay, but I wonder how much it effects it :-/

The Lemon Zest smelled SO GOOD!

Lemon Zest x Sugar

Look how 'dainty' they are!

The Basics

Alternative to Buttermilk: 1Cup of milk + 1TBS of Lemon Juice

Looking kinda nasty I know



Forge said...

these were...how can i put it lightly...REALLY REALLY GOOD!