Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pizzza Pizza Pizzzaaa!!!!!

Tomato Basil Pizza is probably my most favorite type of Pizza! I think it has to do with living in South America and being used to always having slices of tomato on Pizzas. I love the aroma of the baked Basil baked into the cheese. Jordan loves White Pizza, so I also tried to tackle something with white sauce. I found a simple Pizza dough recipe and altered it as I went cause I had a lot of trouble getting the right consistency of the dough. It was also my first time working with yeast so I was a little hesitant. Overall, It was fun and super tasty! The dough ended up being really crispy like thin crust. I need to let the dough cure longer next time, but overall It turned out pretty good. I spend like 40 minutes grating different cheeses though O_o but it was worth it! Check out the yummy pictures!

Mozarella, Provolone, and Swiss Cheese Freshly Grated.
Roma Tomatoes and Fresh Basil


FYSH is proud to release our first FM Goods x FYSH Clothing Collabo Tee. What better way to celebrate than on First Friday this month and ending it with a Blacklisted party. An ode to our NC roots!!!! Come check us out March 6th at FM Goods! We made a very limited run, get it while you can! :)

Nags Head, NC

Jordan ended up having to work and DJ all weekend for V-day weekend. I had a couple days of vacation to spare, and work has been burning me out quite a bit, decided to take em sunday monday that weekend to coincide with Jordan's Days off. Of course, with our luck, we ended up going the two coldest days of the week....but who can complain. We were getting out of Raleigh and staying somewhere where we had no obligations to do anything else other than relaxing and bumming. Also, we forgot to take into account it is the off season (oops...^_^;;;;) so nothing was really open. All in all, we did everything we would do in a normal weekend off together, bum around drinking and watching movies :) Just as equally enjoyable... ^_^

Our Oceanfront room ^_^

Me: 'Looookk at the Camera!!!'
Jordan: ' o_O'

And then we got it right :)

I got this Tilapia Dish at Outback

Jordan got a big fat steak..hahaha..No homo :P

OMG...SO YUMMY...BTW that Chocolate thing was called:
"Chocolate Thunder from Down Under".....**pause**

He is a Animal am I :P

It was sooo pretty...BUT SO COLD!

Yeah he was freezing

Breakfast at 'Grints n Grill'

Grits were BANGIN!

Goodbye Beach :(

but first..."BEWARE FOR BEARS N FOXES!" O_o

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feather Necklace

Got this baby at Forever21. Love Love it! Picked up another one also, but I think I'm gonna make it into a pin or a Hair charm. More on that later ^_^

Rasberry Lemon Sugar Muffins

I've been collecting Recipes like a mad woman. Not sure why, but I am starting to think i should have gone to culinary school cause my baking obsession is starting to be up to par with my sewing obsession O_o. I am not a fan of fruit, never have been since I was a kid. Scary I know. I do however, like the way fruit looks! I think Raspberry's are so dainty(...yea I said it :P) and Jordan said he loved them, so I opted to try out this recipe. Again back to the Lemon-Lime obsession I was talking about earlier. I've made chocolate muffins and blueberry muffins, so it was time for something new and a flavor you don't find in a box at the supermarket. we go!

Notes: I opted with Frozen Raspberries just like in the Recipe. Raspberries are not in season so i got some frozen organic ones from Whole Foods. Also I had to go for Normal cane sugar instead of caster sugar since i couldn't find it and i didn't have a grinder to grind the sugar. Still worked okay, but I wonder how much it effects it :-/

The Lemon Zest smelled SO GOOD!

Lemon Zest x Sugar

Look how 'dainty' they are!

The Basics

Alternative to Buttermilk: 1Cup of milk + 1TBS of Lemon Juice

Looking kinda nasty I know


Cuban-Style Flank Steak

I wanted to try out this Recipe out from the Whole Foods Website. I made this on Valentines day, kind of in a rush because We had to sneak in dinner between Jordan getting off work and going to Itz in Fayeteville to DJ. It didn't marinade for as long as it should and I overcooked the steak a bit, but overall, it's looks nice in presentation and was still quiet yummy. I have had this strange obsession with Lime recipes, and I still haven't gotten over it. You will see in the next entry also :P

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Waffle Sandwich!

New Concoction......Waffle Sandwich!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hotel Fox: Copenhagen, Denmark

I discovered this Hotel a couple months back and just stumbled on it for the second time during my normal tokidoki googleing. Again, this Hotel amazes me, and I think it is a refreshing change of the usual stays. From the Hotel Fox Website:

'Hotel FOX
For the launch of the new Volkswagen Fox 21 international artists from the fields of graphic design, urban art and illustration turned Hotel Fox in central Copenhagen, into the world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel.

61 rooms, 21 artist, 1,000 ideas
Each room is an individual piece of art. From wacky comical styles to strict graphic design. From fantastic street art and Japanese Manga to simply spaced out fantasies. You will find flowers, fairytales, friendly monsters, dreaming creatures, secrets vaults and…'

Such a cool idea! Check out some of the rooms below:

By Birgit Amadori - Germany

By Antoine et Manuel - France

By Pandarosa – Australia

By MASA – Venezuela

By Rinzen – Australia

By Rinzen – Australia

By Genevi̬ve Gauckler РFrance

And of course my Favorites :)

By Simone Legno of Tokidoki- Italy

By Simone Legno of Tokidoki- Italy

Annnddddd if you aren't planning to head to Denmark anytime soon, you should check out The Carlton Arms in NYC. Not quite as fancy since they offer rooms that share bathrooms or Private Bathrooms at different rates, but like The Hotel Fox, all the rooms are unique in design!