Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Them FLASHING LIGHTS! Overdue Rap Rave Pictures

Oh yes, I am soooo late with this! O_o But better late than neverrrr :) check out the pictures from the Rap Rave. Lots of funn!!!!! Big ups to Blacklisted, Sarah-Dear, and everybody else involved!!!!!

Fysh Boys Ricky, Kenny, and John

Rainbow Brite^_~ I mean Sarah-Dear!!!! hahaha

Me and Ms. NYC MAY! who came down to Party w/ us!

Ms. Sophany and I
Dance Dance Dance!

NEW FYSH!!!!! DROPS Friday 8/1/08@8PM!



Also on a extra note! I mentioned earlier about me being a guest blogger on a popular Blog site :) Sarah asked me to do a weekly fashion/sneaker blog! So make sure you check "The Fresh Jump!" out every Saturday at Sarah-Dear.