Friday, July 11, 2008

Refreshingly Minty- Aapplemint Blog

After yesterdays succesful use of (work)time perusing food blogs, I continued looking for dessert recipes only to stumble upon "Aapplemint". Kate who lives in Ghana, but also travels to India for work, provides readers with a wide variety of more exotic recipes, using ingredients and produce found native in the countries(and her backyard!). The food pictures are beautiful but what I really enjoy is how she incorporates all the Cultural background behind the food ingredients and also shares insight on the every day traditions native to the countries. Her Blog is still somewhat new compared to the last one but the content is just as good :)

I'm really excited to try the Jasmine Ice Cream Recipe and The Aloe Vera Coolers. Who has a Ice Cream Machine I can borrow!?!?!? :)


Kate / Kajal said...

Hello there,

Just saw the beautiful mention. Thank so much :))