Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Fertilizing :)

So I dunno what kinda stuff my moms been dumping into the dirt, but it REALLY worked O_O Last year we bought a bunch of discount bulbs and seeds and planted em last season, and kinda forgot about em. My mom has been chucking a bunch of different compost types like leftover fruit peels and vegetables all over the garden for the past 5 months....This is the result of it. We haven't had so much blooming in a long time :) This makes me happy :)

Mike The 2006 King @ ALIBI

"FM/Blacklisted/Sarah Dear are proud to announce Mike The 2600 King from Minneapolis at Alibi Friday June 27th!!!… for those of you unfamiliar with Mike’s work, he is a brilliant graphic designer and a great, eclectic DJ… be prepared for anything from hip hop to rock to funk to electro… and check out his art at twelve car pile up … " -From FMgoods.

Our Friends from FM Goods and Sarah are doing it big this summer :) Go out and support!!!!

Kam Moye(a.k.a. Supastition): Self Centered EP

"Reform School Music and present the brand new Self-Centered EP from Kam Moye (also known as Supastition). Self-Centered is a side project from Kam Moye featuring production from M-phazes, D.R., Eric G, Veterano, and Croup and a guest appearance from NC's own Kaze. This soulful EP serves as an appetizer for the upcoming Kam Moye full length album, Splitting Image, which will feature production from the likes of Illmind, Khrysis, DJ Babu, and D.R. as well as guest appearances from One Be Lo and many others. Kam Moye (under the alias Supastition) has been featured on songs alongside KRS One, Little Brother, Royce the 5'9, and Elzhi in addition to receiving praise in XXL's Chairman's Choice and The Source's Independent's Day. He is also currently working on a collabo album with longtime producer Illmind (G-Unit, Little Brother, LL Cool J). Music video for Black Enough? coming soon!!!! "

My good friend Supa just dropped his new "Self Centered EP" on his birthday(YAY FOR JUNE BABIES!!!!). For those of you who do not know who Kam Moye is, you are missing out. Please check out his new EP available for download HERE. You will NOT be dissapointed.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Timbaland Vs. The Neptunes: The Aftermath!

The Party was a huge success!!!!!! :) Thanks to everybody that came out to support :) Look out for Future DJ Forge and DJ Paradime Collabos :)

It's Official!!!!! :)
Mr. John Kim of FYSH

Team RS always Supporting!


Dime Supports FYSH too :)
:) The mastermind of it all, DJ Forgeeeee

His partner in Crime, DJ Paradime

Throwin it down! :)
One of the Nicest guys ever! Kaze!

Ms. Sophany and I
And Us :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Timbaland Vs. The Neptunes: TONIGHT at The Library in Chapel Hill!!!!!

Finally here!!!!!!! :) Everybody come out!!!! it's gonna be a good time with good music and free stufff :) Can't go wrong with that right????

TONIGHT! Friday June 20th, 2008
The Library in Chapel Hill
21+ $5 cover all night!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


HOLY MOTHER...... O_____O Ummmm Yea, more on this later once I finish hyperventilating ^____^ THANK U JORDAN AND MARCO ^_______________________^


So for everybody that reads my blog, you know i've been ranting about these shoes for months!!!! O_o never did i think i would actually end up with a pair, and after obsessively inspecting it, the details and design they put in the shoe is incredible!!!! Check out the pictures and see for yourself :) Check the: Sole Art, the inner lining art, the strap art. and all the other cool stuff!!!!

I thought it was awesome that my new shoes matched the new TokiDoki iskin i bought! HA :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday Loot

My Friends know me so well :)

Kicks x TokiDoki x Forever21

So You Think you Can Dance: Katee n Joshua to "No Air"

I LOVED THIS ROUTINE O____o It was soooo gooddd O_O Napoleon and Tabitha rock o__o

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drawing Blanks x The Rub x Birthday

I have been looking forward to this event for months, and it was definately everything I expected and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!! A HUUUUUGEEEEE Shoutout and Congratulations to everybody that put it together!!!!! Merlin, Jack, Sarah, Thien, Endless Grind, all the artists, THE RUB and EVERYBODY ELSE THAT MADE IT POSSIBLE!!!! Definately Best birthday celebration ever :) Thanks to all my friends that came out and help me celebrate it RIGHT ^__^

DJ Gonzo holding it down at Endless Grind.

Amazing Deck art displayed at Endless Grind

FYSH crew infront of the Live Graffiti Wall at Endless Grind

More Deck Art :)


Two Amazing Guys :) DJ Merlin and Son of Sam

Cosmo Baker of The Rub!

THIENNN is the SHIT :)

Me, Jordan and Marco!!!!!


Sudan and Me

Alex "Charlie Smarts" of Inflow and Kooley High!

Me and Jack

Me and Tab One of Inflow and Kooley High!

Dj Eleven of The Rub...HIII!!!!! hahahah


Thien and Sarah!!!!

Sophany and I

HALO, me and Dj Ill Digitz!!!!!

It's VIC from Sneakfienndd!!!!!!!

Marco, Ricky, and Me :)

Promoting at The Rubbbb... Timbaland Vs. The Neptunes June 20th!

Me and Kenny :) Poor guy hahahaa

John and I

DJ SK and DJ Forge!!!!!!!

Merlin and Jack!

John Killin it!!!!!

Check out the Rest of my pictures HERE!