Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drawing Blanks x The Rub x Birthday

I have been looking forward to this event for months, and it was definately everything I expected and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!! A HUUUUUGEEEEE Shoutout and Congratulations to everybody that put it together!!!!! Merlin, Jack, Sarah, Thien, Endless Grind, all the artists, THE RUB and EVERYBODY ELSE THAT MADE IT POSSIBLE!!!! Definately Best birthday celebration ever :) Thanks to all my friends that came out and help me celebrate it RIGHT ^__^

DJ Gonzo holding it down at Endless Grind.

Amazing Deck art displayed at Endless Grind

FYSH crew infront of the Live Graffiti Wall at Endless Grind

More Deck Art :)


Two Amazing Guys :) DJ Merlin and Son of Sam

Cosmo Baker of The Rub!

THIENNN is the SHIT :)

Me, Jordan and Marco!!!!!


Sudan and Me

Alex "Charlie Smarts" of Inflow and Kooley High!

Me and Jack

Me and Tab One of Inflow and Kooley High!

Dj Eleven of The Rub...HIII!!!!! hahahah


Thien and Sarah!!!!

Sophany and I

HALO, me and Dj Ill Digitz!!!!!

It's VIC from Sneakfienndd!!!!!!!

Marco, Ricky, and Me :)

Promoting at The Rubbbb... Timbaland Vs. The Neptunes June 20th!

Me and Kenny :) Poor guy hahahaa

John and I

DJ SK and DJ Forge!!!!!!!

Merlin and Jack!

John Killin it!!!!!

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