Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Timbaland Vs. The Neptunes!!!!!

I'm still recuperating from my birthday weekend O_O So I promise to be blogging soon about Drawing blanks and The Rub party...cause that shit was AMAZING. Best party I've been to, it was nuts :) But anyways, this post is about another CRAZY party coming up :) DJ Forge and DJ Paradime are gonna be doing it big at The Library in Chapel Hill on June 20th ...and yes that would be next week! They will be taking it back with some classic Timbo and Neptunes tracks, as well as with some new, so definitely come check it out! Quality music is hard to come by nowadays so I promise you, this is a event you won't regret!!!!!!

On a extra Note.... :)

Congratulations to DJ Forge for winning the ZSpotlight Vynil Project :)

me proud :)