Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FYSHing Day :)

I've been so busy working and cleaning up the house of the big move, I haven't had a chance to see the boys in a while. So last Saturday I spent it with the guys cause I wanted to see the new FYSH office downtown. So pictures from the day :)

I hadn't seen Tobi in a while, I think he missed me cause he peed on me :)
We started the day at starbucks...don't know why, we just did ^_^

Ricky and Sophany

Lawrence and Kenny

We made it down to Glenwood to check out the new FYSH office that I had not seen. I think We are only gonna stay there till August, and look for a better location soon :) But I do like being on Glenwood because of all the stores, cafes, and boutiques.

After the office we took a short stroll down the block to The Cupcake Shoppe. They opened a couple months ago and has been a favorite cafe among all the ones down glenwood. The cupcakes are quite delicious, so anybody that hasn't stopped by that is in the area definately should. I suggest the "You Mocha me Crazy" if you are a Coffee fiend like me :)

We walked a couple blocks down to visit our good friends at FM Goods. Jack was there so we decided to hang out for a while. FM Goods has all the big name streetwear brands(including FYSH! hahaha) so stop by if you haven't been to yet. Jack and Merlin are the coolest guys in the world so stop by and say hi to them :)

Jack Bored as usual hahaha

New Iphone Case from Incase Courtesy of Jack from FM :-D
We went to MoJoe's for Dinner down the street from FM. Now I'm not a humongous fan of Burgers....but I was quite satisfied after :)

Bucket-O-Beer to Satisfy the boys :-P

"The Smush" Burger :) This is what i got, DELICIOUS

Senoritas y Cervezas...see you got the Senorita and the Cerveza :)