Monday, June 1, 2009

More Food!!!!!

Dinner I made yesterday! Got the Zuchini Puffs, Mixed Herb Salad, Spinach Gozleme, and my Siracha Lime Chicken. A closer look at the Zuchini Puffs...But before that..... Did I mention that My Boyfriend is the SHIT? Got my Birthday Present early.....Meet Rosie :)

I've wanted one of these stand mixers FOREVER!!!! All those long nights of hand mixing and kneading at over!!!!...okay maybe not, but when I have the random urges to bake in the middle of the night I will make things go by much faster :)

I made these Spinach and Feta Gozleme from Milk and Cookies! Been wanting to try it for some time....but didn't want to mess up the dough. Thanks to the new mixer...VOILA!!!!! The dough was springy and grilled up nice and crusty on the outside, but was soft and fluffy on the inside :)

Check the Feta n and Spinach inside...YUM.

Also tried Pastor Ryan's Egg Noodle recipe from Pioneer Woman!!!! This was REALLLYYY simple, and I LOVEEEDDD how quickly it cooked. The noodles were kinda extra al dente...which i liked. I threw together my own Lemon Shrimp Alfredo sauce with the leftover cream I had in the fridge! :) Delish.