Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am ashamed...but you'll love me by the end of this post

Cause I am SOOO behind on EVERYTHING.... O_o Thanks to my Laptop being STUPID....But all will be changed soon. But I guess to make it up to you all and i guarantee you will love me by the end of this post. Why?....I guess I could just tell you about a FREE show....with a little person known as BUN B....with a certain DJ known as DJ AYRES. Umm WHAT....Free show?! Umm YES...

Make sure you RSVP HERE or your not getting in :P and don't RSVP like 2 minutes before the show :P Okkaayyyy! Get there early!!!! Monday August 18th 9:30pm-2am.

Ok...LOVE ME. :)


Sudan6ix said...

what upo pimpin' ! How'd did all enjoy the show? thnx fer checkin the page out I think yers and Vic's is better than mine but that ain't gon stop me lol Now alls you gotta do is put me on yer friends list so you can read the rest of the blogs lol okay i aint gon use up all ya space get back in touch with me when u can and tell DJ Forge I said 910 peace