Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Omg I've beeen so bad with this blogging-ish. I make it up to you with lots of food pictures!!!! :) I know you guys all like to look at food don't lie :P

Some Fresh Ingredients for my Orange Lavender TASTY Cakes!

For Jordan's Bday I made a 14 Layer Cake...

That's right....COUNT THEM!
Thank you Bakerella for putting me on this amazing feat O_o

Nice Bulgoki Lunch :)

This Tilapia was SIMPLE and SUPER delicious. Key was the Awesome Salsa I made.
If you want The recipe Hit Me up :)

THANK YOU BAREFOOT CONTESSA....I now Can save millions of Dollars Making Tabouleh instead of buying it :-D

This one I made up...Wish the Shrimps were bigger. I used Greek Yogurt instead of Mayo

A shot of the full Dinner :) It was DELISH


AP said...

can you please come to singapore and make me all of this?!