Thursday, January 29, 2009

NC to NYC!!!! 9 hours :)

Soooo working for the Airlines has SOME perks. Sayyyyyy....I got a tip on a CRAZY Tokidoki First ever Sample sale in NYC...and I needed to go there ASAP, I could :) And I DID...! I knew about the sale for a couple weeks and had been kind of torn whether I should put myself through the torture of temptation. With so real prior engagements...The BF with no Saturday Gig for once....and amazingly extremely open flights to LGA for the weekend, I figured all signs were pointing to the inevitable and the BF and I jetted up to NYC for the day. At first we made plans to stay the night but we ended up having to head back early.....seems like 9 hours was all I really needed anyway. The Tokidoki picture below pretty much sums up my feelings:

*ahem* Anyways, before we went we made a plan of what we wanted to hit. This was the first time we were going to NY together, so he wanted me to try Cafe Habana, and I wanted him to Try Pinkberry. Didn't take too many pictures cause I was FREEZINGGG (WHY didn't ANYBODY tell me it was THAT cold???) so enjoy!

Always on the Black....Huh?! wut?! Dj Forge has a IPHONE?!


This picture doesn't even represent the excitement within me at the momment

'Monkey hungry....monkey need food'- At Cafe Habana

Place is so packed....we were practically sitting on the laps of the people next to us

The Chicken Diablo Sandwich

Chilaquiles Verde con Pollo

Grilled Corn Mexican Style = THE SHIT.

PINKBERRY....Nuff Said.

After 9 Hours...The Loot!