Monday, April 7, 2008

First Friday at FM Goods Five Star Party

This past weekend was pretty damn awesome :) It was good times, and kind of a party everyday hahaha. So Sunday was Jordan's birthday and we decided we should start celebrating early cause he is a workaholic and is scheduled to work on his Birthday :P. So friday night we had dinner at Fujisan, which was delicious and ridiculously filling. It was pretty much just like kanki only with a extra serving of noodles.

He was really excited about the hibachi steak :P

That night we went to the monthly first friday FMGoods after party with the "Blacklisted Dj's: DJ Merlin, Son of Sam, and Thien". We pretty much used this as a distraction for Jordan since we had other plans for him the following night that he was not aware of ^___^ Basically we had a surprise ambush at his house in the middle of the night planned but we needed him to believe that this night would have been his birthday celebration. More on that later :) Friday night at the party was a success: Good times, Good music, Good Friends, and a Drunk Jordan by the end of the night. Mission: SUCCESS.

Sophany, Jordan, Ricky, and Marco

Me and the Boy :P

BFF's haha

He is loving it!


This is True Love I might say

Blacklisted Dj's!: Merlin, Jack, and Thien

Here is Jordan thinking the Fun is over :P
Little did he know...pwahhaha

Saturday I spent most of the day planning for the surprise party. I had to pick up decorations, balloons, and bake a cake :P I ended up baking a extremely flamboyant looking Strawberry chocolate cake that was extremely pink hahahahah But i figured by the time Jordan saw his cake it would be very early in the morning and he wouldn't have time to analyze it in his state of exhaustion and delirium. ^__^;;;;;;

So we headed over to Jordan's house around 1:30am. So how might you add did we accomplish this without having his keys ^___^;;;;; I secretly unlocked his patio windows when we made the sad excuse to borrow his bathroom before the party the night before. If only i had a video of Marco hopping over the balcony in the rain would this post be ever more complete.

Once we succesfully broke into the apartment, We ended up deciding to give Jordan's apartment a makeover for his birthday, cleaned up and decorated it....of course we had to have fun while doing it ^_____^ and most importantly, pictures to document the event.


Preparations were done around 3:30am, and I didn't expect him to be back till around 5am since he had to DJ in fayeteville. As we were grubbing and chillin, I got a call from the birthday boy saying he was 10 miles from home O_O Anyways, I quickly made up a excuse to hang up the phone when he got to his parking lot as we took our positions. The best part was as we heard him approach the door, we sensed some hesitation. It was then when i realized we forgot to lock the door. The most amusing thing was seeing the door open slowly, swing open, and a umbrella coming through the door. hahahahahha Poor Guy thought somebody broke into his apartment hahahaha. Anyway, we popped some party poppers in his face, had our laughs, cut the cake and opened presents :) Mission 2: SUCESSSSSSSSS

Jordan: "WTF O___O"

oooh Sparkly ^__^

Jordan: "Thanks guys! I'm So happy I peed my pants!"

In4mation Laptop Bag from Ricky!
Jordan Opening wut marco and i bought him...

This is the Face of a happy Boy :)
We bought him Hawaii Dunks
I live for momments like this :)