Monday, March 10, 2008

Recap of NYC: Cold and Rainy

Day 1

Came back yesterday, not too late. Definately beats last year....didn't take like 12 hours to get back because of random ass construction outside of DC this time :-D The boys actually wanted to hit up Woodbury Outlet Mall. Holy Shit this place was nuts...definately a HUGE difference between this and Smithfield Outlet Mall O_o We do not have Yves Saint Laurent or Diane Von Furstenberg. They did have a LeSportsac store...and tokidoki on FRIKIN sale. **sigh** oh I weap in my brokeness.

Finally got into the city after a long after noon of window shopping for me -__-. We ended up staying at The Carlton on Madison thanks to Mr. Kim hooking us up with a fantastic rate. The hotel was friendly the room was spacious, and the Bed was heaven so I was pretty damn happy ^_^

First day most everybody just ran around shopping. Did a quick run through SOHO, and made a pit stop at the Kid Robot warehouse of the many times we made a stop there. :-D We ended up going to Sushi Lounge of St. Marks which was a favorite of mine this past summer when I intern with William Ivey Long. Totally beats Sushi Blues for me cause the Sushi is 50% ALL DAY..andddd...50% martinis and drinks after 10pm. WOOT!...Too bad I have no pictures to report from this meal, because we were starving and i didn't even think about taking a shot. Sad i know. After dinner, I made a quick stop at Schoolbred's which is the new bar opened by William and his partner Robert. Had some drinks thanks to the boss, chatted with Donnie and Brian(Williams VP's), and then finally called it a day, cause we are all running on zero sleep.

Day 2

Started the day going down to Brooklyn to visit a family friend and deliver a purse she had given to me last summer to fix. She lives in this fantastic condo, and since her and her husband are both graphic designers, I always enjoy visiting. I hope to one day have a place like hers..hahaha...One the DISTANT future i'm thinking hahaha.

Ended up dropping by the Kid Robot Sale and picked up the Tilt bag I wanted along with the Dunny and Tilt Wallet I was also eyeing. The day was pretty much almost over by this time. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for Dinner. Linda's boss suggested a cheap but fancy Thai place on 21st and Broadway called Rohm. It was pretty damn gooodddd, I had Beef Siracha Pad See-Euw and Chicken Tom-Kah soup. Not to mention the bottles of Reisling we went through O_o Dinner was nice, and we took our time since the weather was nothing but CRAP outside.

That night we met up with Ricky's homegirl Tiffany at Ultra on 26th. It was a good way to get everybody together, since our groups were split up most of the time. Karl and Priya came down from Boston to join us, and so did miss May. Overall, it was a good time, but everybody was so worn out from the past two days, most everybody headed back early.

After Ultra, we ended up heading to one of my favorite late night places to eat in Midtown, Tic Tock Diner on 34th and 8th and finally called it a night after that.
Day 3
Twas another day of shopping for everybody. John and I got a late start, so after we got ready I insisted on lunch at ECK!(Egg Custard King) cause I needed lots of food for little money. It's the best to get there lunch special, or hell, ANY of there specials. I ended up getting the Hong Kong style Chicken on Spaghetti which came with soup and milk tea, FOR ONLY $5.50. And the portions are gigantic.....So if you ever wanna hit this place up, go to the one of Grand st. not Mott. The one on Grand St. is wayyyy better.

I made a quick run to the fabric district to pick up a zipper for another alterations I had to do. I also had to show Sophany and Linda Mood to satisfy their Project Runway Fandom. After this the girls separated from me and the boys as we headed downtown to Reed Space and Alife. Reed Space had a good sale, so I ended up getting the boys at home some shirts. For some reason I was just not in the shopping mood at all, but that could have been due to the disgusting weather that had not stopped since the day before. On the way back we stopped by DQM and got lucky and met Yoshi from Fat Lace.

After all this we headed back to Soho to meet up with he girls and headed over to Chelsea for dinner at BBQ Chicken with everybody. This was probably the most fun night because it included delicious food(and free food), Karaoke, and Soju(not my fav...but in this case i'll make a exception). Apparently there is one in might have to stop by sometime. Check out the Col-Pop below! After Dinner and lots of Karaoke, the girls and I made a mad dash to Pinkberry in the cold and then headed back to the hotel to pass out.

Day 4

Sunday we had a couple hours before we had to get on the road. We hit up our favorite convenience store for lunch in Soho....seriously only in new york can you get Udon, bibimbap, pizza, and salad at a little mini mart thing. Delicious. Made our LAST stop at Kid Robot since it was the last day of the sale. I got some Moletown toys, which I am now sad i did not buy a whole box of them, cause they are FRIKIN adorable. Sadly I got two of the Acorn Mole... :( So much pressure with these blind assortment toys. It's like Crack. I'm addicted. I wanted the Whalymole and the Bad Mole....unfortunately SOMEONE ended up with one of the ones I wanted :P damn you.