Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ryan Leslie 101- Mixed by DJ Forge

Recently FYSH helped sponsor A new DJ Forge Mixtape. This time he made a tribute to the Amazing work of Ryan Leslie. For those of you living under a rock(SERIOUSLY) and do not know who he is, Check out his Official Site. This man is AMAZING....His work is IMPECABLE. He produces, he writes, he sings, he is a smart business man....Random point.....He Graduated Harvard at 19.....19!!!!!! What I think is great is how relatable he is. Check out this Blog post of his about Black Cards. Like many people out there, he shows that he too is human, and at one point was just as financially irresponsible as any young person. In honor of his work, DJ Forge has put together a great intro mix to R.Les work, consisting of some slow and uptempo R&B tracks. Check it out, whether your a seasoned fan or a new fan: Ryan Leslie 101

Right-Click and download

01.Intro / Cassie - Me and U (Ryan Leslie Remix)
02.Danity Kane - Ooh Ahh
03.Ryan Leslie - The Way U Move
04.New Edition - Hot 2nite
05.Ryan Leslie - Break This Down
06.Slim - Good Lovin’
07.Ryan Leslie - Valentine
08.Donell Jones - Better Start Talking
09.Ryan Leslie - Used 2 Be (ft. Fabolous)
10.Ryan Leslie - Irina11.Cassie - Is It You
12.Krys Ivory - Next 2 Ya
13.Cassie - Sometimes
14.Cheri Dennis - I Love You
15.Ryan Leslie - Elektro
16.Ryan Leslie - The One
17.Cassie - Long Way 2 Go
18.Ryan Leslie - Rock U
19.Ryan Leslie - Wanna Be Good

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Omg I've beeen so bad with this blogging-ish. I make it up to you with lots of food pictures!!!! :) I know you guys all like to look at food don't lie :P

Some Fresh Ingredients for my Orange Lavender TASTY Cakes!

For Jordan's Bday I made a 14 Layer Cake...

That's right....COUNT THEM!
Thank you Bakerella for putting me on this amazing feat O_o

Nice Bulgoki Lunch :)

This Tilapia was SIMPLE and SUPER delicious. Key was the Awesome Salsa I made.
If you want The recipe Hit Me up :)

THANK YOU BAREFOOT CONTESSA....I now Can save millions of Dollars Making Tabouleh instead of buying it :-D

This one I made up...Wish the Shrimps were bigger. I used Greek Yogurt instead of Mayo

A shot of the full Dinner :) It was DELISH